Meet Cynthia

Some of the challenges since, I started my school up to 3rd term this year. LEARNING MATERIALS Lack of learning materials is also another challenge to me. e.g. books, pens, exercise books. Sometimes 5 students use one book which is not good. it happened that you prepare then you find that the book has been already taken... Continue Reading →

To learn more how you can assist Eness visit the girls Gofundme Page Here!!! 

Meet Gladys

My name is Gladys I am 20 years old and I live in Malawi, Nkhata-Bay district. I am waiting for MSCE results and they will be out next month. I want to study Environmental Science, or to be a teacher. The challenges that can hinder my dream is financial problems. Some of the challenges the... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION The majority of Malawi's population is female and being a young population it translates that the majority are girls. Saddening is that these girls face so many challenges that affect their realisation of full potential in womanhood. The challenges range from culture, income and biological. Culture has largely placed a girl child at the... Continue Reading →

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