Continuous Improvement Plan

As we move into year two we have developed a continuous improvement plan where we are looking for organizations that want to partner with MoreThanAid.  See the attached link for project details. MoreThanAid-ContinuousImprovementPlan

Thank you Rotary Club of Calgary

Our thanks goes to the Rotary Club of Calgary Millennium​ for providing MoreThanAid the opportunity to tell our story of how we are helping girls and women in Malawi.

Accepting a Facebook friend from an impoverished country can be eye opening

August 1, 2016, by Tim Barnes, Founder, Facebook has been an invaluable resource in helping people in Kande, Malawi.  It is how I have been communicating and collaborating with people helping MoreThanAid, as well as the people we are helping in Malawi. Getting people in Malawi connected to the was a significant milestone.... Continue Reading →

The site is up! Need your input.

In order for MoreThanAid to be successful, people need to know about it!  And people need to care about the outcome!  So we need your help.  Please check out the About tab - you will learn about the background and the approach.  Then click on Your Input - you will get an opportunity to help shape the direction; this first... Continue Reading →

Importing into Canada from Malawi

It's taking some digging to determine the steps to reliably import/ship from Malawi to Canada at a reasonable cost. We researched the international couriers, such as DHL, however they are extremely expensive.  So we are going to try the Post Office route for the first shipment.  Ceaser already shipped some of the paintings, however, I am now concerned that the shipment may get caught up... Continue Reading →

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