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Tim Barnes 

Who: Tim Barnes – Tim considers himself to be an energetic, passionate person who cares about people and takes a stand for equality.  He is married and a father of two girls.

Where: Tim is Canadian who lives in Calgary Alberta, Canada

Role: Tim founded MoreThanAid in March 2016 and plays a key role in helping to define the strategy and helping connect people and organizations to MoreThanAid

Motivation: Tim spent time backpacking in Africa in 2003 and fell in love with Malawi.  After seeing the poverty he has always wanted to do something to help.  Tim’s career was focused on Information Technology and Management Consulting. He held various executive positions before he decided it was his time to give back to the world, with a focus on equality.


Ann Soko 

Who: Ann Soko is passionate about working with vulnerable communities, in order to uplift their well-being at household levels.

Ann Henwood Foundation, a church non-profit, from zero funding to a successful NGO. Prior to dedicating her time to helping others she played key roles in various commercial organizations and sitting on Parastatal Boards. Her experience includes Smart Agriculture, Village Banks, and Vulnerable Children Nursery Schools. She has focused in areas including, but not limited to, basic education, nutrition, disaster response, rehabilitation, water and sanitation.

Where: Ann is a Malawian living in Blantyre, Malawi

Role: Executive Director, MoreThanAid in Malawi!

Motivation: Ann is a passionate about working with vulnerable communities to uplift their well-being. She is an experienced NGO leader who will be the driving force behind MoreThanAid Malawi. She is in the process of getting MoreThanAid established as a local NGO (Non Government Organization) that will be managed in Blantyre, Malawi.

Having Ann, a powerful woman from Malawi, in this position is a significant step towards establishing a sustainable foundation to help women and girls across Malawi.

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Chiko Matenda

Who: Chiko considers herself to be a global citizen due to her upbringing by her Malawian parents. She is dedicated to supporting good causes especially those which afford girls and women to have access to education and self-sustainable resources for their communities. She is the oldest of her family and was mainly raised in a single parent household by her mother in the U.S. She left home at 17 years to study in Switzerland and U.K. which afforded her the opportunity to travel and deeply connect people from all works of life. Also the opportunity for her to deeply connect with the meaning and purpose of life on a humanistic and existential spiritual level.

Where: Chiko is British, originally from Malawi. She spent part of her childhood in Malawi and grew up in the U.S. She currently lives in East Sussex, U.K.

Role: Chiko is part of the MoreThanAid leadership team and contributes to Marketing and Business Strategies which are in the best interest of helping girls and women to connect globally with other people and good cause related organisations.

Motivation: Chiko spent her childhood in living in Malawi with both of her parents. Her heart is deeply connected to the Warm Heart of Africa, Malawi. She has heard and seen what her mother (Rose Kumsida) accomplished as a young girl and woman in Malawi, through vision and determination to succeed against all odd and adversities in life.

Chiko’s vision to start helping young girls in Malawi came as a result of recognising the opportunities she has been afforded in her life by her grandparents and parents to see the world. She also discovered through adversities in her own personal life a greater purpose in life, which is to start giving back to great causes now rather later in life.


Bright Chip Mckenna 

Who: Bright C Makina is a passionate Artist, Filmmaker, Photographer and Social Worker who is highly interested in working and promoting the Malawian Youth.  As part of his film making career he has produced, written and directed two short films based on HIV and AIDS among the youth and also worked on several documentaries both locally and internationally.

Where: Bright C Makina is a Malawian origin currently lives in Chinyonga Blantyre, Malawi.

Role: He is a Filmmaker, Photographer and Social Worker.

Motivation: His motivation is seeing the youth doing great in life more especially girls and women. He is one of the people who thinks of others first before thinking of himself. He has seen his mother physically abused by his step father and her death motivated him to work and promote in ending domestic violence and ending early girl child marriages and bringing girls back to school. He is passionate about proactively promoting Arts/ Theatre and Entrepreneurship for Malawian Youths.

New Members of MoreThanAid(More Details to follow in due course)

Collence Msiska – HeadMasster

Pastor Alick Phirj

Nellie Harawa


MoreThanAid Contributors & Volunteers  

We would like to sincerely thank the following MoreThanAid Leadership Team Contributors and Volunteers who have previously helped us in the past with the overall developments of MoreThanAid. Their support as part of the Leadership Team has enormously helped us with progressing  the foundation and establish of MoreThanAid.

We would like to especially thank Chifundo Kamba and Jacob Uledi who are two enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who helped us on the group with the direct support of the girls development and progress with their education in Kande Village, Malawi. For their best effort we know they have a great and brighter future, in terms of adding more social value in their communities.

We would like to thank you all for all your contributions and continued support.

Leadership Team, the Girls and Womenpreneurs in Malawi.

 Chifundo Terrisa Kamba

Who: Chifundo is a hardworking and focused person in stressful situations, a quick learner with analytical skills in problem solving, a good listener and communicator with people from diverse backgrounds, able to work independently, resilient, deadline conscious, pays attention to detail, assertive, honest and able to work as a team player.

Chifundo has since 2011 been working as a History Lecturer, Researcher and Gender Specialist in the Department of History at University of Livingstonia which is one of the earliest and biggest Christian mission universities in Malawi. At the time, she is serving as head of History Department at the Institution. She holds an MA in African Social History obtained at the University of Malawi, Chancellor College. Her Research thesis was on “Power and Dress in Colonial and Post-Colonial Malawi, 1890-1964.” Her undergraduate research focused on “Women and Gender-Based Violence in an Urban Setting: The case of Zomba Urban, 1975-2009.” Chifundo has also been involved in a number of social research surveys with different Non-Governmental Organizations within Malawi. Her research interests include gender based violence, dress and politics, urban and rural development and cultural dynamics

Where: Chifundo is a Malawian who currently lives in LivingStonia, Malawi

 Role:  Chifundo has a strong desire to improve the lives of women in all areas as a way of contributing to the development of Malawi.  Thus, she works with MoreThanAid on a voluntary basis as a Girl Empowerment Expert where her main role is mentoring girls to complete their education successfully and became future leaders.

This program aims at promoting girls and women’s access to productive resources, development opportunities and decision making all which are instrumental in eradicating gender inequality which is the main cause of Malawi’s underdevelopment.

Motivation:  Chifundo is intrigued by successful people especially women and aspires to become one by connecting with them as it is the best motivator to women who look down upon themselves.



Alisa Welch 

Who: Alisa is a creative, caring person that is fearless. She has been a successful business analyst and has worked in a variety of industries.

Where: Is an American living in Oklahoma, USA.



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