Malawian Women (Fair-Trade Business Partnership)


Malawian Women who assist Malawian Girls to Fund for their own education are seeking Global Business Partners – Retailers and Distributors to help with furthering their Fair Trade and Social Enterprise Business.

They are seeking business partners and collaborators who can invest in their Bracelets and Artisan Pieces, which then go towards Funding for the Girls Education and much more.

Aside from Funding for Education, they also need to be in the position to become self-sustainable in being able to meet their basic needs, such as having access to Clean Water, Electricity and Medical Care.

It is in hopes that the more they prosper in Social Enterprise Businesses Models, the likelihood is that they can also have additional sufficient Financial Resources to fund for their own

  • Information Technology – to connect them to the rest of the world

  • Technology- to help with accessing Solar Power and advancing their Agricultural Resources to more innovative means.

Ultimately, the women and girls can become more self-sufficient and feel more confidence, empowered to continue to contribute to their communities rather feeling compelled to move in order to find better opportunities. By being able to sustain themselves and their communities they are most likely to also improve their well-being and health.


MoreThanAid on behalf of Malawian Women is seeking to connect with Global Businesses who believe in contributing to Fair Trade and Social Enterprise Initiatives.

We are seeking to connect with Distributors and Retailers including any other individuals who are interested in contributing and investing in handmade products created by women in Malawi.

See below Handmade Products created by Malawian Women.  


These bracelets along with other artisan products will go towards funding for Malawian Girls Education and Business Resources for Women (Tools & Machinery) to help with the production of their products. The long term vision for women and girls in Malawi is to be able to develop sustainable resources which can also help them to maintain their basic needs and livelihood.

If you are interested in investing in the Bracelets and also becoming one of our main distributors, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us  Here!

You can also connect with us via Facebook Messenger Click Here!


We are in the process of shipping a small set of paintings that have been created by artists in Malawi to Canada.  If you would be interested in investing in the paintings please add your name to our Contact List.

Thank you for stopping by and for your contributions we look forward to collaborating with you in the near future.

MorethanAid Team


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