Meet Gladys

My name is Gladys I am 20 years old and I live in Malawi, Nkhata-Bay district. I am waiting for MSCE results and they will be out next month. I want to study Environmental Science, or to be a teacher. The challenges that can hinder my dream is financial problems.

Some of the challenges the girls face is getting involved in girl boy relationships which affects their education, early marriages, poverty, cultural beliefs just to mention a few. Some girls are orphans and some are very poor. They and their parents cannot manage to pay school fees, as a result they are unable to continue with their school. Some end up getting married, some are arranged by their parents when they are still young.

The other issue is lack of role models who can make a positive impact, because many institutions are in cities and just few in the village, so many educated people are working in cities. The girls who are educated would make good role models. Many girls in the village are not educated and just follow from one generation to the next without having an educated role role model to follow.

They follow previous practices of their elders by being engaged in early marriages.  Some do not have family members who are educated, they thunk they cannot make it and do not have the will power that they can do something to change their family circumstances. As a result of lack of role models most girls are not able to make a conscious decision to continue with their education.

If girls have access to role models they might be able to copy some skills and have that will power to become educated and to focus on achieving their   goals.

I believe, we can overcome some of the challenges by working hard in school and we only wish to prosper, stand on our own feet and overcome challenges of poverty. Education would give girls more opportunities to be able to work. More opportunities, such as being involved in starting small businesses could help in meeting basic needs and other necessities.

My dream on mentorship is to work on encouraging girls, so that they can continue school and achieve their goals.

I would like people who have never visited Malawi before to know that Malawi is a very peaceful country which also respects much rights of girls and women. Many girls fail to reach their dreams because of poverty in Malawi.

I am very proud that you are one of those people who wish Malawian girls well. May God bless you



To learn more how you can assist Gladys and the girls Gofundme Page Here!!! 

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