Update on the Girls


Like most students the girls are currently enjoying their break period which started in July. They are scheduled to return in September.

The girls took the time out to write their personal journey’s so far, including life challenges and future aspirations. We are looking forward to sharing with you some of their personal stories in the near future.

It is amazing and extraordinary how they girls continue to be motivated to achieve more in life, including being able to finish school, so that they can progress further onto university. Thereafter find suitable employment opportunities, which will in turn help sustain their families and communities.

I had the opportunity to speak to one of the girls, Gladys who is in her last year of secondary school/high school. Her near future aspirations is to be able to progress further onto university to study Environmental Sciences related subjects and to become a Mentor for the girls in her community.

On behalf of all the others girls, she expressed the need for more books in their school library. As it stands at the moment the girls have limited book resources. This limitation also affects the day students who are unable to board at the school (due to limited financial resources).

We are in the process of helping the girls to come up with funding ideas to help them receive more books. If you able to help in anyway including sign posting us to suitable resources to help fund for books, we would be more than happy to hear from you. Do leave a comment below, or send us a Private Message.

Despite all the daily challenges the girls face, including lack of electricity, water, nutritional needs, they continue to be optimistic about their future.

Their spirit and resilience against all odds, is what motivates us the leadership team to continue being committed to such a great good cause which is close and dear to our hearts.

This is also the reason we value your continued support, as we believe that it takes a village to raise a child. We could not achieve it all without your continued support.

So far we have independently managed to support more than 13 girls to continue with their education. Most of the girls we support are motivated and passionate about being able to access education facilities in order to fulfill their future ambitions and goals.

This is despite some of the life challenges they face such as: 
1. Limited basic daily needs such as nutritional needs, water, electricity and limited regular health care needs for women.
2. Girls are confronted from an earlier age than boys, with more housekeeping responsibilities and some with the responsibilities of having to contribute financially.
3. Some girls are forced forced into earlier marriages, which consequently leads to early  pregnancy and/or marriage.

The above challenges are not what the girls aspire to and only fall into these categories due to limited resources in most cases.

Their wishes are to continue being young girls and enjoying their childhood. To be able to finish school and have the opportunity to attend university, thereafter find suitable employment.

The girls need your help and support 
As much as our ethos is to help girls fund for their own education with the support of Malawian Women, we also believe  in the African Proverb that, “it takes a village to raise a child.”

As such we are keen to collaborate with individuals and businesses that would be interested in contributing to funding opportunities/projects which can help the girls to continue with their education to completion.

How can you help the girls? 

You can help the girls by spreading the word about their Gofund Me Website. By referring other like-minded individuals who have a vested interest in enabling and supporting the girls through with their education goals.

If you are in the position to contribute, you can also directly contribute via the site as well.  LEARN MORE HERE!!!

MK12,250 which is equivalent to approximately $17 per term for each day student
MK 52,250 which is equivalent to approximately $73 per term for each boarding student

The girls have a high need for school books for their library. We are also seeking to order approximately 500 secondary school books from Book2Afirca which costs £500 to ship to Malawi  https://books2africa.org/requestbooks/

We welcome donations for Secondary books from companies and individuals that are able to ship directly to the school.

The books the girls need urgently are as follows: 
*Excel and succeed math .biology
*Biology.physics and chemistry achievers junior Secondary Books 1&2
*English literature:Tale of Tamari, Little Soldier, Familiar Stranger
*History Arise in history book 1 &2
*Geography  Arise book 1 & 2
*Social Studies

*Physic & Chemistry achiever
*Life skills, English  Excel & succeed
*English Literature: The Pearls, Macbeth,  Short Stories from Africa
*Biology: Senior Secondary Biology by Chanco or Kalibwanji
*History & Geography: Arise in History book 3 & 4
*Social development and studies

Malawian Women’s Sustainable Resources Project: This is whilst we are continuing in the background to help women some of the Leadership Team Members in Malawi to formalize a Women’s Social Enterprise Group, which is intended to help the women to create sustainable resources which will partially fund for girls education, create more jobs for women and also meet their basis needs requirements.

Your support and contributions no matter how small will go a long way. Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to learn more about the girls in Malawi and their education support needs and requirements.

To connect with us further do connect with us via our Morethanaid Facebook and website  

For contributions and scholarship funding for the girls do visit their Gofund Me Page CLICK HERE!!!


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