Bracelets for Sale- Helping Girls in Malawi to Fund for their Own Education


Bracelets for Sale in Aid for helping Girls in Malawi Fund for their Own Education. Malawi, Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. MoreThanAid is helping women in business and helping girls fund their high school education. Bracelets are sold for $10 each, including GST.

For each bracelet sold $7 will go back to Malawi. Proceeds will go into a High School Scholarship Fund for Girls and the rest goes to Supporting Women Entrepreneurs.

The Women Entrepreneurs (also known as Womenpreneurs) are also responsible for making the bracelets which fund for the girls education. The dedicate their time making these bracelets so that they ensure that girls, their future generations are able to receive good quality education, which some of them may not have had access to.

Girls in Malawi Face Life Challenges which some of us in the “Developed World,” at times may take for granted. Such as the following;

  • Limited access to Electricity, which tends to go off on a regular basis in Malawi. Some of these girls back from background where it is a privilege to be able to afford electricity. In school they might also be confronted with the possibility of electricity going off, if they do not have power generators as a back system to ensure they can continue their studies/homework in the light
  • They may be confronted with having to contribute to the family from a very young age, too young for some of us in the “Western World,” to even consider for our own children.
  • Some girls may become pregnant earlier than expected, due to their economical and environmental circumstance.

Your contributions including Voluntary Action Matter because you are enabling some of the girls to achieve the following: 

  • Add more social value in their community based on education and entrepreneurship skills they will be able to access in the long term
  • The girls will continue being young girls as intended and to enjoy that experience until adulthood as opposed to becoming an adult earlier than intended.
  • You are contributing to ensuring that their years education is funded for,  which then leaves them to focus only on enjoying their education experience and to interact with other children. Rather than them having to take on manual labor jobs earlier on in their lives.
  • Most important of all some of the girls will eventually  be able to access Equal Opportunities in the workforce and to contribute to  greater causes beyond themselves

For the difference you are making, no matter how small it is making a significant difference in the girls lives.

We can never thank you enough for your continued support.

Reach out to Tim Barnes in Calgary. We can ship to you. Click Here Now!!! to Connect with up on Facebook.



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