Importing into Canada from Malawi

It’s taking some digging to determine the steps to reliably import/ship from Malawi to Canada at a reasonable cost.

We researched the international couriers, such as DHL, however they are extremely expensive.  So we are going to try the Post Office route for the first shipment.  Ceaser already shipped some of the paintings, however, I am now concerned that the shipment may get caught up in customs.   I called customs in Canada today; it is clear I need a Commercial Import Account setup with Revenue Canada.  Then the next big decision is determining if we need to work with an import broker or if I can do this myself. Given there is no money at this time, I am leaning towards trying to figure this out myself.

I also learned the Canadian Government has a database that lists all the importers, guess how many from Malawi… if you guessed 0 you win the prize! This could also be your opportunity to setup an import business between Malawi and Canada.  For anyone interested here is the Step-by-Step guide around importing in Canada.

I also talked to Canada Post today and learned that if the value of the goods is under $2500.00 it can be shipped via Canada Post, if higher then we need to find another shipping option.  So given that there are no major importers from Malawi, maybe I just need to fly to Malawi and pick this stuff up myself.  I could use another backpacking trip and would enjoy going back to Kande Beach.  However that is for another day… Tim

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