Helping Empower Girls and Women in Malawi


INTRODUCTION The majority of Malawi's population is female and being a young population it translates that the majority are girls. Saddening is that these girls face so many challenges that affect their realisation of full potential in womanhood. The challenges... Continue Reading →


Girls selected for MoreThanAid High School Scholarships! – September 2017

Girls selected for MoreThanAid High School Scholarships! MoreThanAid Kapanda scholarship Selection Committee

Bracelets for Sale- Helping Girls in Malawi to Fund for their Own Education

  Bracelets for Sale in Aid for helping Girls in Malawi Fund for their Own Education. Malawi, Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world. MoreThanAid is helping women in business and helping girls fund their high school... Continue Reading →

Update on the Progress of the Girls Education – Memory

Update on the Progress of the Girls Education - Memory

11 young Malawi girls received MoreThanAid scholarships

  11 young Malawi girls received MoreThanAid scholarships and are attending high school! You helped make this happen... you have made a powerful impact to the lives of these young girls. Thank you for supporting MoreThanAid. A special thanks to... Continue Reading →

Continuous Improvement Plan

As we move into year two we have developed a continuous improvement plan where we are looking for organizations that want to partner with MoreThanAid.  See the attached link for project details. MoreThanAid-ContinuousImprovementPlan

Thank you Rotary Club of Calgary

Our thanks goes to the Rotary Club of Calgary Millennium​ for providing MoreThanAid the opportunity to tell our story of how we are helping girls and women in Malawi.

Tim Barnes (Founder)– Introduction of MoreThanAid

Documentary of MoreThanAid Published on 21 Dec 2016 This is a documentary of MoreThanAid, which is a non profit organization helping empower girls and women in Malawi, Africa. MoreThanAid is based on the principle of helping people help themselves. The current focus... Continue Reading →

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